Neurology. Multiple sclerosis



Evalution of the safety and efficacy of the medical product of cultured autoimmune neural crest derivatives (NCDs) in patients with remitting multiple sclerosis.


Evaluation of safety and efficacy of injection and intrathecal methods of transplantation of cultured autologous NC-MSCs in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS).



The medical product of cultured autologous NC-MSCs obtained from a hair follicle using a puch biopsy treated with gamma-IFN and TFN-⍶.


The number of transplanted cells is determined individually for each patient in the calculation: at least 106 cells per kilogram of body weight.


The use of NC-MSCs for patients with remitting multiple sclerosis is performed by intravenous drip infusion and intrathecal introduction.

expected result

  1. Reduced frequency of exacerbations;
  2. Lack of new centers of demyelination;
  3. Reduction of neurological deficiency;
  4. Improving the quality of life.