Looking for partners


We invite partners to work together: investors, donors, sponsors, professional medical organizations, associations, unions, specialized educational institutions, medical centers, insurance companies – all who work on the principles of mutual understanding and mutual benefit.

We strive to find additional resources to achieve new, progressive results in meeting our strategic goals.

  • Research laboratory activities;
  • Research clinical activity;
  • Introduction of progressive safe treatment methods;
  • Using ICT in infrastructure development and creation of adaptive informational products for biotechnologists, biologists, doctors and patients;
  • Development of advanced biotechnological and medical education system;
  • Progressive management of ilaya science development.

We guarantee transparency and responsibility in organizing and carrying out negotiation, contracting, project executing, and providing full accountability.


To apply for partnership offers you can contact the following person:


+38 044 284 00 00
+38 050 671 90 04
+38 067 249 47 32