Material-technical base


The Cell Cultures and Tissue Engineering Laboratory consists of sterile and conditionally sterile zones, warehouse premises, sinks and laundry facilities. The creation of a sterile zone in the laboratory is possible due to the means for controlling the parameters of the air (including temperature, humidity and filtration), in accordance with the processed products, operations and the environment, two rooms for gowning (the first one for dressing in outer suit and shoes, the second one – for putting on internal sterile suits, gloves, mask, laboratory shoes, and wiping hands with antiseptics); all areas are available for cleaning.

In addition, in the laboratory there are boxes with laminar flow of air for laboratory manipulations, CO2 incubators for cultivating human cells, centrifuges, microscopes, water baths, rockers, all necessary reagents, mixtures and mediums, disposable laboratory utensils, etc. There are also shower cabins and bathtubs in the laboratory area.

It is planned to open a laboratory of biochemistry and molecular biology. And at the moment researches are conducted on the basis of the Biochemistry Department of the Institute of Biology of Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University.


In addition to the research bases, the ilaya Science Science Center has structural subdivisions located in the administrative part. They include:

Fundraising Department, which regulates the processes of participation in competitions for grant programs, and also conducts negotiations with project partners;

Scientific Department, which has experienced specialists in biological and medical sciences who are the coordinators of projects responsible for writing protocols, registration of research works, patenting, writing methodological recommendations on the results of research works, conducting a statistical analysis of the results of studies, determining the significance of the invention, they conduct an audit and collect research data, organize meetings with scientists. Thus, the scientists have the possibility to work in a coordinated and unhindered manner;

Consulting Department cooperates with young scientists, students, postgraduate students and schoolchildren, organizes trainings and master classes, is a platform for external consultants, organizes external cultural and specialized events;

Marketing Department – organization of conferences, publication of materials, support of the web-site and pages in social networks, PR;

Material and Technical Support Department – support for uninterrupted operation of equipment and procurement of reagents, media, laboratory utensils, etc.;

Finance Department regulates financial income, expenses and turnovers, and conducts research budget calculations.


Our general partner is ilaya Medical Center, equipped with a modern surgery, which allows carrying out complex surgical interventions using cell products and tissue-engineering implants. Surgical interventions on restoration of bone tissue, treatment of intervertebral disc herniation, reparation of the skull, treatment of spinal cord injury, etc. are carries out there.