We are open for cooperation


ilaya science project invites partners to work together: investors, donors, sponsors, professional medical organizations, associations, unions, specialized educational institutions, medical centers, insurance companies, etc.

Our goal is to help people strive to be healthy and to promote the development of biotechnology, biological and medical science. For this purpose, we use all the resources available to us, we are constantly developing and we will be glad to find like-minded people and partners in this direction.

The staff of ilaya science is a team of the best professionals of the Ukrainian scientific community. The development of medicine is a personal challenge for each of us, so the development of the company begins with the continuous learning of each of us.


We understand that the globalization of markets is an essential condition for the functioning of modern business. Investors’ involvement and professional dialogue with representatives of the global health sector are the basis of the future development of ilaya science.

That is why in our activity we adhere to the principles of transparency, openness, efficiency, awareness and fulfillment of obligations to patients of medical centers, partners and investors.