Within the framework of the project, ilaya Medical Company performs reconstructive and rehabilitative treatment according to the original method developed and successfully has been practiced by the company’s specialists for more than 10 years. For such treatment, biotechnologies based on the unique properties of human stem cells are used.

During 2 years of the project, more than 60 wounded in the East of Ukraine have been accepted for treatment, and more than 30 of them have already fully undergone treatment and returned to full-fledged life. All funds related to their treatment are provided by the Ukrainian Volunteer Center “People’s Project”, which has collected UAH 19 million for two years of cooperation by attracting contributions from organizations and non-indigent people from all over the world.

The patients of the project had the consequences of battle injury, in case of which usual methods used in medical institutions did not bring the effect, and often accompanied by complications that threatened with amputation or severe degree of disability. But the application of biotechnology by ilaya Medical Company helped restore bone tissue and renew the function of the limbs to the greatest possible extend.

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